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The most exciting of responses

When I was given the commission of the two murals, I loved the way the instructions from the clients were basically "a group of naked happy people socialising, in a specific English setting, with trees, and a swimming pool" … which gave me a lot of lee way regarding the aspects I could incorporate in the pictures. I did the first working drawing for the murals, as per my interpretation, and then a second one that was more towards the socialising aspect. The third suggestion was given to me as an idea from the clients as a basic line drawing from the client (with a laugh that that drawing looked like a two year old had done it!) but that drawing gave me a lot of information, as it also had a the verbal request that I incorporate a fox, a badger, grey squirrels, an owl, a woodpecker, other birds feeding, bluebells, snowdrops, buttercups and daisies. Ok, that added a bit more of nature into the mural, and I did that working drawing last week and knew that I had done everything that was asked of me for that third version. I emailed the images over (both the pencil line drawing, and the coloured in version that showed obviously with more impact the way the painting would look in reality).

I had the verbal feedback for it over a very useful phone call on Sunday, when both the clients gave me their reaction to it…. they were very happy with it … but felt that MORE could be done to improve it…and that MORE aspect involved…MORE people, doing MORE things, with MORE of a hint of mystery, MORE of a hint of eroticism to it, MORE fun…..

All of that put a big smile on my face..I’ve got the bones of the drawing, I just need to add MORE…..

I had a few ideas straight away that I thought would improve it, and over the next day even more so…

So…I’ll try these ideas and see how the working drawing works that least with drawing in pencil, I can rub them out they don’t work as I think they might..

Because this will be the way the mural will be created, when I know for sure that it will work in the working drawing..its the thinking aspect that makes my art, and I have a lot to think about, and plan, and create, that will make the murals everything the clients want, and everything that I want to..

MORE………………………. exciting stuff!!