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New year new start new hope

After the strangest of years in 2020 I think everyone has started this new year of 2021 with new hope. Oh, we all know that the new year isn’t instantly going to be back to how life was a year from now or the heady days of life before then, when we could mix and hug, and dance, and chat, and be together as people. But we know we have new hope in a vaccine starting to inoculate us against the pandemic of Covid 19. And whilst we wait to mix with our friends and family all I can do is keep positive and upbeat (my normal state anyway!) and plan new artwork whilst I’m waiting.

I’m currently working on a pretty snowscape that I started just before Christmas, its in acrylics and is something I’ve been wanting to paint for years.

And I certainly want to do another of the Ervette type of paintings, of a beautiful woman who is the landscape her name describes in old English..I like that concept a lot!

So, new year, new hope, new artwork. How exciting!