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In 40 years of commissions this is the best one ever

I’ve painted many pictures for people over the years, and sold them to clients in USA, and all over the UK, I’ve got paintings hanging in China, Australia, and Europe. An international artist. I’ve painted many diverse subjects, for many people.

But the conversation I had last night was the offer of a commission that put a big smile on my face.

It will be a mural, or two, painted onto the walls.

It will have an erotic twist of some sort I’m pretty sure, the subject hasn’t been fully decided yet..I’m still thinking of ideas, and will suggest various ones to the clients to see their reaction.

They want the artwork done for their business, and it will be on the walls of the room that all their customers will see.

And they have asked me to do it.

How exciting is that!

I’ll update you as more is finalised…

And now..I have some ideas to think of……