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Still quietly expectant for commissions

In this strange year I have no expectations any more of what may or may not happen regarding my artwork and doing commissions, in some way I don’t expect them from clients as people are struggling to earn money, and when people don’t have money the last thing on the list is artwork, however, there is also a large part of me knows that artwork can cheer people up, and cause a lot of happy feelings. I get a lot of positive and happy feedback from clients even years after I’ve done artwork for them.

I’m always happy to do a commission for a client, I think the one who gave me the least notice, was a guy who rang me from Bristol a few years ago, when I lived in Leicestershire, to ask me to do a pencil drawing of his sisters house, which was in Repton (where I was brought up) with 9 days notice. And he wanted me to get it in the post to him in Bristol, so that he could give it to her on Christmas day. I did it of course, as I like that sort of challenge, and was most amused when the sister in question saw me taking photos and came out to me on the street to ask me why I was taking photos of her house..I had to burble on about I used to live in the village and had always liked that particular house and the ones around it..quickly taking some more photos to illustrate that excuse! I laughed when I spoke to the client later on to say that he had better explain to his sister who I was and why I had been doing that!

I have sold one painting this last month for a Christmas present for someone, that I wasn’t expecting, and I love that feeling when that happens.

The woman I did the three erotic paintings for recently, told me this week that her sister, and niece, really loved the paintings, and she was considering having a fourth one done. That was good to hear, that they were so positively welcomed. But I’m not sure when that will be, so I have to wait to hear regarding that one.

I think when you’re an artist you have to be primed ready to go all the time, and know that nothing will happen for two months, then suddenly three people will want something painting the same week.

All I can do is be quietly ready for any Christmas plans, and at the moment no one has any idea what that will be, who we can mix with, where we can mix, or to what extent, and be ready to paint, or draw, as per any requests that come in. I’m always hopeful for that!