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A new client, and making a friend in the process

The woman who commissioned me to paint the three erotic paintings came to collect them last Friday in a howling gale. She arrived with a beautiful house plant for me, which I thought was very kind and considerate of her. It was the first time we had met, so obviously the first time she had been to my house, and as I welcomed her in, and offered her a hot drink to warm her after her journey. As I made it, she spotted her three paintings propped up together on the side, her face lit up, and went to view them. I always love to see clients faces when they look at the paintings I have done for them. We sat at the table chatting, as women do, about the paintings, about each others lives, about life.

She had another coffee, and we chatted some more, and my husband came and joined us at the table, adding to the conversation, and it was nice to see he and her chat, as easily as she and I did. She had our sense of humour, which always makes things easier.

Because, even though I had spoken to her on the phone a few times, there’s some things you don’t pick up on until you meet someone face to face. And there was something I had presumed, from the photos, and of course when you meet someone its clear, and I laughingly told her after about an hour of her being in my company, that she wasn’t the height I was expecting…she was quite a bit shorter! She laughed with me…as we discussed heights and compared..

She stayed for a lovely long time, chatting with us, and at the end of it I said that I felt that I’d made a friend.

That’s what I love about art, that connection, that communication, that means so much to us as people..