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Exciting new commission in triplicate

In these strange times I don’t expect new commissions to come in often, so I was delighted a few weeks ago when I was commissioned to do a new painting for a new client. She wanted not one, but three paintings done of herself to match other existing artwork she had on her bedroom wall.

I’ve started work on the paintings this week, drawing them out on their canvases and today I was ready to start painting, and it quickly dawned on me that I wasn’t going to paint these pictures one at a time as I had expected on doing, but the three of them together, all at the same time! The reason was simple.. they were all of the same woman, and would be in black, red, and flesh tones. But since they were to have the same black in them, and the same shade of red, and the same flesh tones, then it made sense to paint them to match each other.

It makes it slightly more difficult to paint them that way, but at least I know that they will totally match each other!