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Falling in love with my favourite Kent beach

Since we are having our holiday as day trips out in Kent over the last week or so, I knew that I would want to go to my favourite all time Kent beach. I had only been once before, and that was before we moved here. And on Thursday this week the weather was perfect for that trip. it was sunny, not too warm, not too cold, no wind, and warm enough to wear jeans and tee shirts and trainers. The beach is called Botany Bay and one of the things I love about it is the Sat Nav doesn’t show it, and neither does the road map we keep in the car, its almost like a hidden gem that no one knows about except a select few! Its on the far east corner of Kent, between Broadstairs and Margate, and has the most gorgeous soft golden sand, (another rarity as a lot of the beaches in Kent are pebbles), and white chalk cliffs, and rockpools made from the chalk rock so they’re white too, and lots of sand to walk along, and no shop or cafe on the beach so it doesn’t encourage the raucous day tripper, and virtually no parking except for a tiny car park you have to park on a residential road. The day we went it was clear blue skies, and I took over 100 photos, to make sure I captured as much of it as I could in the glorious weather. We walked the length of the beach, and turned around and came back, gentle waves lapping along the shore line. When we got back we thought we’d try the hotel on the top of the cliff to see what food it offered, and it had an excellent choice, and we were able to sit outside overlooking the blue sea, and blue skies, as we ate our meal. That’s a rarity in Kent too, normally its blowing strong winds where ever you sit! And then afterwards we walked along the cliff top about a quarter of a mile to the next cove, Kingsgate Bay, its all so pretty I didn’t want to leave

Its officially my favourite beach in Kent..I love it…and a perfect day like that has made me even more enamoured with it!

Its painting a picture now that captures the light, and the colours that will be interesting to create…