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Of course I can

Friends came to visit last Friday night, I’ve known them for a while but it was the first time they had actually come to the house and it was so lovely to welcome them in and have a meal and a drink with them. I asked if they’d like to see around the house as everyone always seems to say yes to that question and indeed they did too. As I showed them around …….this is the lounge, we’ve done a lot of work on it this year and yes these are the paintings I’ve done, yes they’re all mine, this is the landing, this is my studio, this is the working painting I did for a woman in California, this is a naked landscape I did for a woman in Dorset who wanted a painting over her bed that her 4 year old son wouldn’t realise was a couple having sex, this is the painting I did from life in oils of a woman friend of mine, this is a watercolour I did of two tigers in a snowstorm, this is a pencil drawing I did of an old man, this is an erotic painting I did for my husband, and yes we do have a fabulous view from here looking down into the valley, I did that painting too of the woman of a naked woman on a red sofa, this is a painting I did of a woman friend of mine depicting the universe in her hair, this is a magical painting I did of two unicorns in the forest, yes I did paint that picture in the kitchen its of the grounds of Hever Castle in Kent…..

Of course I was going to say a bit as the couple had the tour of the house, the paintings are a massive part of me and the special ones I have kept as my own, or if they have been a big commission for a client I have done my own copy of it to keep and enjoy it on my own walls or use it as a promotional piece if people ask what sort of things I paint.

Most people who know me know that I am an artist. But they don’t know what sort of an eclectic artist I am until they see my paintings.

But when we got back to the kitchen after the tour the guy said to me that he realised that I was just the artist he was looking for to do a painting of him and his girlfriend… and he mentioned a photo he had somewhere of the pair of them, and would look it out to show me…

Oooh… how exciting, the possibility of a commission..for good friends..