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I love it when people ask me that

Our neighbours came over for drinks last week, bearing in mind we’re still in this sort of lockdown that isn’t, but it has restrictions, and changes on a weekly basis.

It was really lovely to see them and chat about all sorts of things, particularly art. She’s in her mid 60’s I think, and learning about painting art and was so appreciative of the help I gave to her when I saw her just before lockdown in early March, and had adjusted one of her paintings accordingly to my suggestion and was a lot happier about how it looked now because of that advice.

I loved it when I said to her “Would you like to come and look at my paintings, and studio?”, her reply being “Yessssss please…you may not get me out of there..!” and on the way to my studio I showed her some of the paintings I have hanging on the walls. One of them being a painting I shall never sell “Midnight blue”…its got that magic in it that instantly transports you to the time, and place..and I love the bright colours of it..! Her reaction was “Do YOU paint that??” and I smiled in acknowledgment, I did!