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Artistic harmony in wood

We moved to Kent just over a year ago and ever since then my husband has wanted one particular garden project doing. It was his big dream and I was more than happy to go along with it ..but its taken just over a year to get it actually sorted out, even though we started planning it in April, mostly due to lockdown delaying having to wait until all the materials needed for it to be attained by the work men doing the job. In the end they had to get it from three builders merchants scattered around Kent instead of the one local one they would have used. 

They started it last week and I knew what size it was going to be and how it would look, but that is not the same as seeing it actually built. 

The job is new decking in the garden, and it joins the existing decking by the kitchen to the old ugly awkward brick steps from the lounge, and changes the viewpoint of us standing on it to look over our garden instead of our neighbours garden which was the quirky way this quirky house was angled before. It also means that when the existing steps from the old decking are moved across to the end of it, it will flow so much better than it did before and join the kitchen and lounge better, the house and garden better, and the decking and patio area, and all of them will become more harmonious as a whole. 

The workmen are only half way through the job but already I can see how much more it will improve living in this house.

But its more than that, its the little aesthetically pleasing parts that I hadn’t considered that are a joy to look at too. Now when I sit in the kitchen I can see the angle of the balastrades go off in different diagonals. When I am in the garden looking up at it I can see the pillars of wood under it form a pattern of diagonals that are very appealing to see. When I am standing on the decking I can see the way the angles of it break away from the straight line of the house out into the garden, which looks weird in one way, but very quirkily appealing in another! 

It really is a joy to look at already. 

And will be more so when its done… and the new border I dug in April will be in harmony with the new border I will dig around the decking to enhance it…