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Oops sorry nurse!

I saw a friend of mine over the weekend..who  made me laugh over a tale to do with something that I was connected with….

He told me that recently a district nurse had been to visit his house to see his wife. Whilst she was there talking to his wife, the guy suddenly realised what was in the room…and didn’t want to upset her, so felt the best thing he could do would be to stand infront of it, and make himself taller by standing straighter, so if the nurse turned round, she’d only see him and ignore it. He thought he’d got away with it, until she turned around and said to him with a wry smile “I’ve seen it!!” and he grinned with her with relief that she wasn’t upset by it!! 



I laughed, as I knew exactly what he was referring to! Because I had painted it for him and his wife a few years ago! Its this oil painting of the two of them in pride of place on their lounge wall!