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First snows

It snowed today, for the first time this winter since we moved to Kent. I know that the Midlands has had various snow falls and flurries over the winter, but we haven’t had it, only relentless rain, sunshine, cold winds, and more rain! 

But when it snowed, I was immediately transfixed into seeing how it transformed the view from the window, how it looked on the lawn, and the trees in the garden, how the snow flurries changed from soft and fluffy to more sharp like sleet… When you’re an artist you look at everything you see and analyse how to paint it, how to capture it and get that magical effect. 

And it reminded me how carefully I painted the fluffy snow storm in my watercolour painting “Snow patrol” – the snow is soft and fluffy, if I had painted it with hard edges it would have looked like polka dot tigers, not striped ones!!