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New year new decade new start 2020

I am not fully sure why it has taken me until the 11th of January in this new year to write the first blog post of the year,I know its partly due to sorting out house after the Christmas festivities and putting Christmas decorations back in their boxes and the loft, and partly hearing on Christmas Eve that an old family friend had died and working out the logistics of when the funeral will be, where it will be, and how I might get there, and what accommodation will be best for it, and letting others know of that plan. Plus I am not even sure yet if I will be able to go as travelling any distance at this time of the year due to weather. has to be made only days beforehand. 

And part of the delay in this blog post is  partly due to not having any new pictures to post yet although I have done two more of the pen and ink drawings that I love to do that are getting me back into drawing and training my artist eye again. The new ones are of Scotney Castle, and Faversham, that I’ll show you when I have photographed them hopefully within the next week. 

And I was also reminded last week when I spoke to my neighbour whilst we passed each other on the road, he coming in from walking his dogs, and me going out for a walk and some fresh air (and boy is it fresh on this hill we live on!!) that when we greeted each other and he asked me what I was going to be doing later that afternoon and I said that I would be doing some pen and ink drawings of my favourite places in Kent, and then it struck me that I haven’t even used my lovely new watercolour easel that I had for by birthday in September! But I have to have lots of natural daylight for that, and even though my new studio is full of natural daylight from both north and south facing windows, I need it for longer than the sun setting around 4pm at this time of year. I will use it though, soon! It will be so useful for not just watercolour paintings but also acrylics, acrylic pouring, and oil painting.

So that’s where I am at the moment, doing bits of art, ready to start doing more bits of art that will lead onto big bits of art!!!