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Remembering to be grateful

I write about one hundred Christmas cards every year, remembering friends, and family, neighbours old and new, and its also a good opportunity to keep in touch with my (MANY!) cousins far and wide, friends in other countries, and those scattered over England. I also try to remember others who I have met in the year, people I’ve done commissions for in particular. 

But this year there was one special person I wanted to remember when I wrote my cards. 

I posted it off last week with a comment in the card. 

And was gratified to get an email yesterday from the person in question thanking me for the lovely card, and telling me it was her first this year,

I sent her a reply back and said: 

“So glad you got the card ok. We had hoped to see you on the day we came to pick up the keys for the house but you were out, and we’ve been so busy since then with doing jobs in the house and garden that its only been in December that I can catch up with getting in touch with people. We love the house, and the area, and the sunsets are stunning. We’ve also learnt it has its own weather  with the wind, rain, and mists, but that adds to the ambience! We are also enjoying learning more about being part of the celebration of the seasons in Kent. Thankyou again for all your hard work in  achieving our moving here.” 

Because she works for the estate agent we bought the house from, and she showed us around the house on our first visit here, and it was partly her helpful comments that made us want to come back and see it again a couple of weeks later, and that lead on to us buying it! My card to her thanked her for her help in our buying our perfect house. It was the least I could do, to send her a Christmas card!