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Christmas wishes

It’s always a funny time of year, Christmas, an odd eclectic mix of happy and sad, poignant, and silly. This year I am looking forward to it far more than I have done in more than forty years, because this year I can do what I want, not what I have to do in past years to please other people. 

But part of Christmas that I love so much is being remembered and reminded of people from my past, because for me its about connecting and remembering people I know, or have known but not seen for many years. 


I spoke to my ex husband yesterday, he rang to wish me a Happy Christmas and asked if I had the chestnut stuffing recipe that he used to like years ago, I found it in an old hand written cook book I compiled many years ago and sent him a photo. And whilst we were chatting he talked of his family, as I talked of mine, as we are still in contact with each other and the people from our shared past. I hadn’t expected to speak to him again for a while, but had to ring him today, to tell him the sad news of an old family friend of mine who I had known all my life from the Midlands, who he knows very well too, who I found out today had died two days ago. Its always sad to hear of a death close to Christmas, whilst everyone else is celebrating, there are some families who are bereft and grieving. When I spoke to my sister about it later on today she was sad about it too, but then said that she remembered so many good memories we had as children connected with our friend, and I agreed, we did! You have to look back at that life with fond memories…


I’ve had a lot of cards this year, and its always so lovely to hear people’s news as I tell them mine, but they all know that this one is a special one….


Because…. of course, this year is mine and my husbands first proper Christmas together in our lovely house in Kent. We’ve been here six months now and the house is starting to look like ours with all the jobs we’ve done on it since we’ve been here.  And we are both looking forward to this Christmas time so much. We are having two close friend couples coming to us for the day and staying overnight. There will be a lot of drinking, and talking, and laughter,and silly card games.. and I am looking forward to it so much, as we are all adults, choosing to be with good friends, the best sort of Christmas, when you can be yourself, and others around you are themselves. Just, good friends. That’s all I can ask for, to be with people I like a lot, who like me a lot to, that’s true friendship. 


So, whether you are with family, or friends, or in-laws, doing duty, or being yourself, I wish you a very Happy Christmas!