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Becoming Kentish

Its been such a busy last few weeks but I can start catching up with my blog now with updates.

After most of my life living in the Burton on Trent/Derby area I have moved to Kent. Its been almost seven years of wanting to do that, and planning it, and now I am finally here and know how right it is at this time in my life to have done so. Its reassuringly right!

I love the house that my husband and I have chosen, I love the area, I love the ever changing views from the windows, and the fact that we live on top of a hill and because of that have far more dramatic weather is a bonus.

I love the studio that I now have, and the lovely airy daylight from the two windows. I have almost got it to the way I want it to look but at least there is some semblance of order in there but that will be fine tuned in time.

Getting the house and garden straight is a priority, and having a three week holiday in France two weeks after we moved in (and had arranged way back in January!) meant that we did as many of the urgent jobs as we could before we went, and can do some of the outdoor ones now that the weather is fine and warm before it gets colder again in the autumn.

So, I am very very very happy to be Kentish.

Being closer to the sea, and such pretty picturesque villages and gardens will be very inspirational. I love what I have seen of Kent in the last seven years of having holidays in this area, in that time I feel like I’ve done an A Level on “Kent” picking up useful local information from friends who live in the area, reading books on the subject, reading up online, and paying full attention to national radio traffic warnings about the trouble spots on the roads in this busy area. Because when there is a problem on a road in Kent, it very quickly gets to the coast in al directions!!

Finding independent galleries should be easier in this area too. I look forward to exploring more in that area of expertise when I get the chance.