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Who’d have thought it

Well… going back into the dark recesses of time my new webmaster suggested that I start writing a blog to go along with the new website he was designing for me.

“But what shall I write????” was my immediate reaction.. and would anyone be interested was my next thought.

I know a lot of people are interested in art, and how its created, and how an artist thinks, and how they go about creating pictures from that initial thought. And I also know that because I am as happy doing erotic art as I am doing any other sort, and because I’m a woman doing it, and have lots of experience, that some of the conversations I have are also more amusing than most.. that I probably did have some interesting things to write for this blog that I had been persuaded to write.

So I did.

And I found that I liked it. A lot.

And I sold artwork through it.

Infact ….it was having a conversation with a sex blogger with her throw away comment about “I don’t know anything about art except the fanny paintings on ‘Sex and the City’ “sparked off me doing my ‘Fantasy Fanny’ paintings and exhibiting and selling them at the big Erotica show in Olympia, London.

And I made friends through writing my blog, including some very good ones who travelled across the seas from another continent to meet me and see my art and commission other exciting artwork as well.

And people were interested in what I had to say and told me so, some online, and some when I saw them in real life.

Of the last couple of years though I hadn’t had so much to say, since my personal life and what was happening in it, meant that I wasn’t painting many pictures at all and hadn’t got a lot to say regarding art because of that. I knew that I would get back into blogging when my life calmed down again and I was able to start painting again.

And I think this year will be the start of that time.

Not yet, but soon.

So I just wanted to say that when I was asked back in March 2007, just over 12 years ago, that I had no idea that I would be still blogging, and loving it so far ahead.

And I wanted to add.. because you wouldn’t know, just by reading this post how important this post is…

Because, its the 1,000 post I’ve done! One thousand posts! Yay!!!!!