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Redesigning something to something else..

At the weekend I was chatting to a friend who has commissioned me to do artwork for her before………who asked if I could redesign something for a friend of hers…to make it something else.

She showed me the design, on her phone, and I had a sharp intake of breath.

Because I liked it.

I liked it a lot.

And also knew in an instant split second of time, what it was.

Which she knew I would…

It is very much MY subject.

But my friend was asking me on behalf of her friend, who is thinking of changing it.. she wants it made “better”. And my friend knew that since it was my subject matter that I could improve on it for her…

And part of me doesn’t want to change what it is, since I like it as it is…

But the other part of me wants to improve it, wants to make it better…

Its a tattoo design that is already in place on a body. And I’ve got to fine tune it to a better design..

Intriguing one this, as I shall be adding to, not creating from scratch.

I need to have a good long think about it, and probably will come up with some ideas to see how they progress… to put the magic into it..!