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Impressing estate agents!

I adore the house I live in, its full of south facing light, and ticks an awful lot of boxes of what I look for in a home. My husband loves it too, and described it as an “elegant house” when we first came to view it some years ago.

Its known laughter, and its known tears in the time I have lived in it. Which is exactly what a home does..

But its time to move on, to another home in another place.

Which means that this one has to go on the market.

I thought carefully about the estate agent I want to act on my behalf to sell it, and was pleased with his professionalism.

When he came this week to take photos of the house and garden he said how pretty my garden was, which was good to hear, he must see an awful lot of gardens! But I have put a lot of effort into the garden looking pretty in the time I have lived here and I love sitting in it. I shall be sad to leave it.

He also made a few comments about the artwork hanging on my walls, most of which I have done, and some of them certainly not for sale as I have put too much of ME into them. He asked how I sold my artwork, and how I priced my commissions.

He took good photos, some from angles I hadn’t considered, and I live here! He wrote notes of the house layout, he made notes of the particulars of the house, and took measurements. He left me with paperwork to go through after he had gone.

Two days later the “draft details” we sent to me for me to check through and ok, before the house went on the market properly.

I went through it all very carefully, every word, every detail, every photo, and noticed three small errors..

So I rang him and explained that I was very happy with all of it, except for the three small errors, which were to do with doors on the floorplan of the house, I explained where they were, and he changed them over the phone and said “Well spotted!!” and I laughed and said “I’m an artist, its my job to notice the tiny details!!”