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I enjoyed it as much second time around

I loved doing the pen and ink drawing of St Saviours Foremark, Interior, and delivering it to the client last Friday.

I loved it when she rang me on Sunday night asking me to do a copy of the pen and ink drawing just for her, the same size (11 x 8 inches) but inframed as she will get it framed herself to suit other artwork she has in her house.

I loved the fact that she loved it as much as I did as a drawing.

I loved doing it again this week, making sure that the second one was exactly the same as the original one, which was slightly more difficult as I wasn’t copying the photo as much as copying the drawing although making it its own character as well.

I loved it when it was finished this week and I was able to deliver it to the client well in time before Easter.

And I loved the fact she had the money ready and waiting for me before she had even seen the drawing. She trusted me that much.

And I loved the clients reaction to it when she did see it. And where she pointed to the wall where she would hang it so that she could see it clearly from her favourite seat.

And I loved the way that my artwork makes other people happy. That’s the whole point of my art as far as I am concerned!

So here is the second drawing, and I will also show you the first drawing, so you can see how alike they are. I’ll also put the photo of the interior of the church so that you can see it for yourself.

St Saviours Foremark, Interior (II) – second drawing (11 x 8 inches)

St Saviours Foremark, Interior – first drawing (11 x 8 inches)

St Saviours Foremark, Interior source photo