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She does know me after all

I saw a good friend of mine over the weekend who I’ve not seen since my wedding (my fault, not hers, I’ve just been so busy with house hunting and sorting things out!). It was so good to see her, and her Mum again, who is in her 80’s and now has dementia. I spoke to my friend again today about another matter and her Mum mouthed “Whos on the phone?” my friend mouthed “Jackie” and her Mum shrugged not recognising the name even though I’d only seen her yesterday. My friend pointed at the painting I had done some years ago, of her, as it was on the wall above her Mum, her Mum looked at it and said “Oh, Tit Drawer”!!! I can’t stop laughing over this one, it seems she does know me after all!!! lol