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Christmas is the time

Christmas is the time of year when I look back on December and know its been busy, with getting the household jobs done, the presents bought and wrapped and ready, the Christmas cards written out and sent to friends and extended family, and I always love to make my favourite White Christmas cake full of dried fruit, lemon and orange peel, luscious vanilla and almond flavours. After that I make my mince pies, and then I feel I can relax and most everything else is done and ready.

And I know that what I love best about Christmas is the happy feeling of being remembered, and remembering other loved ones, those who are still in my life, and those who have died. I remember the happy Christmas’s of my childhood and all the others since then.

And its the first Christmas this year that I am celebrating with my new husband, so we have those happy memories to make this year with our own traditions.

So, to everyone I know, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas, and hope you have a fabulous time with those you love, and have more happy memories of your own to make..