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The way through the woods leading others further on

I was most touched to be asked by my Primary School teacher friend this week if I would be happy to give my permission for her to get her 7/8 year old pupils to re-create my “The way through the woods” acrylic painting on a large sheet using small amounts of powder paint sprayed with water and built up over a five day process. She said there would be lots of texture within the painting which intrigued me as to how the colours would blend together. The kids would be working from the photo she had on her phone of my painting. So they wouldn’t have the fine detail infront of them. And doing it all together meant that it was a joint effort at creativity and not one person only working on the piece of art.

It was part of a spirituality in woodland celebration that the kids were being taught about which I thought was a really lovely idea!

When I first did my acrylic painting on canvas I wanted it to be strong in colour but also have the “optical mixing” aspect that artists sometimes use to create excitement within their artwork – as the colours that are actually in the picture mix in the eye as it looks at it to create other colours. I love using that effect, and this subject of a woodland scene lent itself very nicely to the way of painting in that impressionistic style.

Of course I said YES! And have asked her to show me the photos of the working process the kids use! Can’t wait to see the result! I love it when creativity creates more creativity!!