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Repton’s in my heart, and it’s in yours too

I was delighted of course when I got a recent sale from my website of a print of my pen and wash painting “Church and Cross from Post Office, Repton” and also a little intrigued at the buyers address…. because it wasn’t from Repton, or even its surrounding area, but from London. I was quite intrigued as to why the buyer had a connection to Repton in South Derbyshire.

I thanked the buyer for her interest and purchase and informed her the next day that the print was on its way to her and made the comment about how delighted  I am she likes the picture so much, as I’ve always loved drawing Repton since its such a picturesque village!

I was most delighted when she gave me more information regarding her interest in it and it turned our that Repton holds a very special place in her and her boyfriends hearts, as that is where they both met over 25 years ago but they were only able to get together only just over a year ago although they had been back to Repton to celebrate recently. And this year they thought it would be lovely to have a painting or print of the village and my website came up!

I replied how wonderful for them to have those happy memories of Repton and told her I was brought up in Repton and lived there for about 22 years and still love the sense of history of the scenic village since its hardly changed over the years and I was delighted to hear she and her boyfriend finally got together and have chosen to have one of my prints as a reminder of those happy times!

A few days later she confirmed that they had received  as she called it………….. “your lovely print of ‘Repton’. We really love it! I’m so pleased we found your page. Repton will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Anyway, thanks so much.”