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Looking for silver clouds in the gloom

Even when the weather is as uninspiring as it has been recently I try to get some good out of it. Its not always easy though, when its gloomy grey and miserable weather – I started to wonder last week if it would ever be sunny with blue skies ever again as I looked out of the window and could hardly see the trees or houses that are so familiar to me. 






And then I thought, ooh, I can make the most of this, and off I went with my camera…

Searching for inspiration and finding lots of it hidden around corners and across fields that so beautifully hid the far distance but left the foreground in sharp black tones fading away to nothing…

It made everything monochrome in the dull light but what it lost in the detail it made up for in drama!



And after a couple of hours I returned with well over a hundred photos, because the gloom of the weather was ideal misty circumstances that provided some gorgeously atmospheric photo effects.

I love the churchyard pictures that ooze with gothic drama.


It may be April but it still looks like November as you can see in these photos but at least I feel that I have some very inspirational photos from my travels!