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Cornish sunshine will always inspire me

The holiday that my man and I booked in Cornwall was one that we had wanted to do for some time, so when we got the opportunity this spring we were looking forward very much to the trip.

This last winter turning into spring has been cold, grey, wet, and depressingly miserable, and the day we had booked to arrive was astonishingly and wonderfully glorious bright sunshine and made the whole experience idyllic!

The hotel we had chosen is a Country House by the Sea, and has been run by the same family for at least three generations. All the rooms are different so the hotel doesn’t have the cold impersonal feel of some corporate hotels. It has been created by someone who understands the careful personal touches make such a difference to the enjoyment of staying there. The staff were friendly and helpful and from the moment we arrived we found the welcome from the door staff and the reception staff to be warm and genuine. The room was a perfect blend of luxury and homeliness, and we really appreciated the balcony area, and, of course, the view over the beach in the sunshine made me smile big time. I adore sunshine on sea, and I knew that I would be taking lots of photos on this trip if the sun continued.




Since the weather was so good we went out and about for a few hours each day to see the surrounding areas, going to three places that I know well, the artist lovers town of St Ives, the picturesque town of St Mawes, and the small fishing port of Mevigissey with its double harbour. I was in rapture over the clear waters and the sun shining on it, creating such gorgeous colours.

I took over five hundred photos in the four days we were there, proving how much I liked the area in the sunshine. Cornwall is such a delight in that it has the rugged cliffs leading down to many sandy beaches with rock pools and the rolling hills around and above them with the fishing villages nestling in their natural harbours with the man made walls around them to help protect the houses and boats. I love this fabulous mix of natural and man made stone structures, with the sea lapping gently against them, and the picturesque boats bobbing there adding bright colours and interest.

It was an artists delight to be there again.. I loved every minute of it!