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You want to buy a What?

That was my reply when my fella told me …

“You want to buy a what?”

I knew he liked them, and he knew I didn’t. Neither of us could understand the other ones reaction to them. How on earth could it be beneficial, and a good thing, was beyond my comprehension. He certainly couldn’t understand my dislike of them, not at all.

So, when it arrived last week, we both sat down together and discussed our thoughts regarding it. I knew he didn’t want to upset me, and I was trying hard to see his side of this discussion, and we both agreed to give it a go, and see how it went, and if it didn’t go well, then, it was going.

So on Monday he said he wanted to try it out, and I said I wanted to go along and see how it went. I suggested the best place nearby to try it out, where it was quiet, and there wouldn’t many people about, and there was enough space around us for any problems that may occur.

And do you know, within five minutes, I saw exactly what he was talking about, and why he was so enamoured with them. All my negative thoughts regarding them faded away, as it was well designed, not noisy at all, it knew what was around it, it couldn’t harm itself, or anyone else, and it was so easy to use, that even I had a successful go on it, as a total novice.

When we came home we looked at what it had produced. And even as a first event it looked ok. Obviously, improvements would come when it had been used more, and all its features had been used to full effect.

Today, it was me who asked if we could take it out again, and my fella smiled and said of course, where could we go that was a bit more exciting – and I suggested a place near where I used to live, that had a lake, and trees, and bit of a rocky cliff by it. We went over there this afternoon and had an even better result than the first one. We were both happy with it! As an artist I can certainly see the benefits of using one to find interesting viewpoints. And as someone who has been taking photos for years, I can see that this was just another way of doing it…



So, I am a fan, of the drone, after all !