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What am I to presume when they don’t even give me the first thing

My phone rang last week and I picked it up and said hello.

The guy at the end of it launched straight into the conversation by saying he had experience of life drawing and had done a couple of hen party sessions and wanted to do more erotic experiences with women watching him. He wanted to know if I was interested in drawing him?

I listened to his suggestion and gave him the standard answer.

“I will only draw you if its a commission, and you are paying me”.

He asked if I knew of any other artists who would be interested in drawing him.

“No I don’t”

And would I like him to send me a photo of himself so I could send it on if someone asks for someone to be drawn as he had seen that I had artwork on my website of other people and someone might be interested.

I declined and said that I would only be drawing him if he paid me, and if someone wanted to be drawn they chose the model for it, or posed themselves.

He asked how much my hourly rate was, and I told him.

I asked him where he lived, and the answer was an area at least two hours journey away from where I live in the Midlands. I told him that, and he said it wasn’t a problem.

The phone call came to an end. The guy wanted an erotic experience with no cost to himself.

And as I put the phone down I realised one thing.

He hadn’t given me his name at all. Or even used mine.