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And the result was – Owing me big time!

The other week when I did the last blog post about the art mystery, I had no idea exactly what I was looking for, or how I was going to find it.

My friend had sent an email with photo she had taken of the picture in question, and the writing on the left hand side of the painting, and also the right hand side. I couldn’t tell which one was the title of the painting, and which the artists signature even. Normally the artist signs on the right hand side of their artwork, but I wasn’t convinced it was the case in this case…

The first email said:-

“Hi Jackie
Thankyou for taking a look at this for me”


I replied

“I am intrigued as to what it might be and want to find out as much for you as for me, I like an arty mystery! Can you also send me the photo of the other writing that you showed me on Saturday, I want to confirm for myself which of the writing is the title of the painting, and which the artists name! “


As she sent them to be she also added:

“If you have any luck I will owe you big time.
I appreciate you having a go. It’s been a puzzle I’ve been trying to solve for years.”



Ok, I started to look and do a Google search, go on various artists websites, and start the search for the mystery painting.. and mystery artist, and the mystery language it was written in!

And later on that day the email I sent her said:



“Well, you owe me big time then, as I know all of it!! I have spent about four hours looking into this for you and have found (after a LOT of false leads as the letters are VERY misleading!!!) both the name of the artist, nationality, date of birth, title of the painting, and what it means. I’m sure you will be pleased to hear all of that!! Its been an intriguing arty mystery to fine out for you. Its been a difficult one to find out for you as the name I thought it was meant something else in a different language (not Indonesian) which made it more difficult to find. Although after two or more hours searching in that direction I realised it was a completely different one. Thanks for sending the picture itself, its a lovely picture and I can understand why you love it so. It’ll make it more special when you know a bit more about it. I’m delighted to have the answers to your puzzle at long last if its been one you’ve been wanting to solve for years!”


Her reply came back straight away:


“OMG!!!!! Jackie…..that’s amazing.
I am beyond excited ? and truly amazed you succeeded so quickly….however I had total faith if someone could it would be you. You skills shine through. ?”



(But, I will have to wait a couple of weeks until I can tell her as she’s gone on holiday, and until I tell her, I’m not telling you here. But, I will. When she knows what it is, I’ll tell you all about it, and show you the painting in question. I think you’ll like it! )