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How I see my reflexology session in personal abstract

I knew when I had my very first reflexology session that I would find it intriguing. Lisa at Lemon and Black made sure that the session would be a wonderful sensual experience, in that she went to so much trouble to make her reflexology room an oasis of serene creams that it looked wonderful, the gentle music in the background was also peaceful and calming so it sounded wonderful, the room was faintly fragranced with luxurious scents so it smelt wonderful, and the reflexology bed comfortable so it felt wonderful. And just to add to the senses, her choice of delicious biscuits with her hot tea afterwards also fed the sense of taste delightfully too!

We had discussed the session fully and in as much depth as possible beforehand, and I felt as relaxed as possible as the session started.

As it began, I realised that all I had to do was lie back and concentrate on it.

And since it was a new experience, and I like to analyse things I let my mind consider what I was feeling. 

And I realised I could SEE colours and shapes as it happened, and knew that as soon as I could I would draw them out as images and shapes and colours and flowing lines. I’m used to doing abstract art, and in the past have attended an art workshop that encouraged the artists there to interpret abstract feelings like emotions as specific colours or shapes, so it was natural for me to SEE the colours and shapes that flowed in my minds eye. I could see specific lines of bright red dots of lines of energy emanating from the base of my foot up to each toe. I could feel the flow of energy flowing away from my toes to the air above, and although I wasn’t stressed before the session, I could feel that any stresses would be as jerky lines emanating out from the base of the foot and up and through, and out away from the body as I lay there. I felt waves and shapes flowing out and around and wanted to capture that as well as I could.

When I had chance to put crayon and pencil to paper as a simple working drawing, I wanted to spend a whole hour interpreting my reflexology session. Because I knew that length of quiet time would do the feeling of it justice. The drawing I did wasn’t a finished painting, it was as a good work in progress, because that would keep it free and easy and full of the concept, rather than a finished painting where I would have been thinking more of the more finished technical approach and taking away from the gut reaction feel of it.

I was able to show it to Lisa at Lemon and Black a few days after my session with her and she loved my interpretation, and posted on her Facebook page:

“Hi everyone! This is Jackie a very talented artist and also a client of mine. I just wanted to share with you her drawing that she did after she had had a reflexology session with me. This was her interpretation of what she felt during the treatment! I couldn’t of asked for anything more. Thank you Jackie for letting me share”  



I told her it was my pleasure to show her how I felt, I presume its how others also feel, but I would appreciate anyone who has also had reflexology telling me if that is how they felt it too, or was their experience totally and utterly different?