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Round and round is the eighth Happy Garden picture

The eighth painting I have done for the Happy Garden theme was based on a photo I took this year but changed considerably to create a more appealing garden to the one in the photo.

I love the round pool, and the rounded topiary shapes of the bushes, and the twisted spirals, which gave me the idea for the title for the painting.

I also love the orange flowers and turquoise water in this picture, picking up on that colour scheme that worked so well in my “Blue serenity” painting.

I really like the way the peach coloured path leads the viewers eye into the painting, and towards the white bench via the  subtle hint of pale stones.

I love the bright turquoise of the water in the pool, edged with pale stones, and made it look enigmatic in its depiction, making the viewer want to go and look deeper within it. The lime green and orange of the plants give a lovely warm feel to this painting and the lilac distant trees and sky add to the warmth of the foreground.

I love the bright colours in this painting but I also find it very peaceful.

I wanted anyone looking at this picture to want to sit on the bench, and look at the pool infront of them, to find peace within, and then, when they were ready, to step over the low stone wall and want to explore round the rest of this beautiful garden and find out what was behind that thick dark hedge!

This painting is in acrylics, on canvas, and measures 20 x 16 inches, and its title, well, its “Round and round the garden” of course!!