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A little bit of rural England to Australia the long way

When I first put the painting of Ravenstone church on Facebook I had no idea what reaction it would have. It was a watercolour painting I had done a few years ago and I loved it as a delightful depiction of a pretty country church with the sun shining through the trees on the ancient stonework. But the person who saw it, used to live in Ravenstone, and asked how much it was. I replied with the price for it, and she said she wanted to buy it and did I ship to Western Australia? Yes, certainly! was my reply.

I was excited at the thought of sending one of my pictures to Australia, since it was a country that I hadn’t previously sold a picture to.. and then it dawned on me, that it was also a continent, that I hadn’t sold a picture to as well!

I asked at the Post Office how much the cost would be and how long it would take to get there? “Five days” was the reply. Wow, I thought, that’s quick, and as easy as sending artwork to America, which I’ve done a few times.

I informed the client, and she was happy, paid me via Paypal, and I wrapped the picture up well, took it to the Post Office, and paid for it to go on its long journey to Australia.

I had online tracking on the picture, but that was only whilst it was in this country, as soon as it left these shores I had to wait for the “unknown patch” before it arrived with the client. But still, five days isn’t long is it.

After five days I hadn’t heard from the client.

Nor after six days.

So I emailed and asked if it had arrived? 

No, was the response, it hadn’t.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay then, where on earth (ha!) was the picture? And why wasn’t it in Perth like it should be?

I could tell from the tracking number that it had arrived in Australia, but I wasn’t sure where exactly it was..

And then in the first week of October I got an email from the client saying:

“Hi Jackie I think it’s here. Got a delivery card when I got home. Will get it transferred to a post office close to work, so by Wednesday I will be able to see your gorgeous work.” 

Phew, it had arrived in Perth, but I didn’t know where the client worked, Australia is a big country (I know, I’ve been twice and flown over various large tracts of expanse of land) and she might want it taken to any part of it. So, still I had baited breath..

A week after that I wondered if it had arrived and sent another email asking, and  the client replied that she had been chasing it but the Australia post had not been able to move it from one post office to another, but she would let me know as soon as she had got it.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, more waiting then…

Another week passed..

And then I got the email saying:

“Safe and sound, and looks awesome. Thank you” 

Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’d got it! I replied that I was pleased to hear that she had finally got it!

And it was only when I checked over when I had first sent it, I found that it had actually taken 24 days to get to her. But, she had it, and loves it, so that’s great! Really great! I’m so pleased that she’s got it, and that it will bring her happiness, because that’s the point of my pictures as far as I’m concerned!