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The Goldilocks of Galleries

There are good and bad galleries. I’ve exhibited at some of the bad ones. They take the pictures, and the paintings sit there, and sit there, collecting dust, with few people walking through the door of the gallery due to little footfall, or apathy from the gallery owner. I hate it when you walk through the door of a gallery and you’re ignored by the person behind the counter. I want to have a smiling welcome, and feel that the sales assistant cares about the art, and about selling it.

There are good galleries too, and I’ve walked through the door of some of them, where there is a greeting, a smile, and a question as to what picture or artist you’re interested in. 

I also know that there is a snobbery, or a tight judgement of some of the galleries taking the artwork to sell.  Of course they want artists of a similar calibre of the other artists they already have. I fully understand that. As an artist you can’t be sensitive about criticism of your talent, or your paintings. I understand that, I know that there are some people who love the art I do, and some who don’t. And I’ve had enough brilliant positive and upbeat feedback from people buying my art as commissions to know that I can paint, and can sell art, and am a viable artist.

I am pulled in various directions regarding trying to find a gallery to sell the new theme of artwork I’ve done. I know that the artwork is good enough for my first choice gallery, as I had them in mind, specifically, when I painted my pictures. But they declined them. But, and this is the difficult part to find out, I still don’t know how their specific judging system works. It would help immensely if there was a check system for me to work it out – rather than just a blank “nothing” response.

So, I am looking for an upbeat gallery, that has a lot of footfall, and interested buyers, that is vibrant, and sells artwork regularly. You wouldn’t think that was difficult, would you!

The Goldilocks of Galleries, not too small, not too big, not too cold, not too hot, just…………….right….