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It reminded me of who I am

Since I have been waiting and waiting for the gallery to get back to me I have felt bit by bit a little deflated each day.  I suppose its regarding waiting for the reply and not being able to move on with anything else in the meantime. Its the waiting part, and not knowing, that means that you don’t get on and achieve what you want to.

I was reminded of this last week when the gallery in question finally, after twelve weeks got back to me. I felt alive and upbeat, just for having their response. It reminded me how happy I am when I am painting pictures, being an artist, and being ME.

It’s who I am.

An Artist.

An artist who wants to get on, and create pictures that make other people happy. It makes me happy to do that.

And I know its finding the right art, and the right outlet, in the right place at the right time. A lot of creative people say that, I’ve heard it so many times from entertainers on TV, to musicians, singers, writers, and other artists.

And a chance remark from a friend of mine last week underlined that when she said that she expected that I quite often think I could do better when I see other artwork for sale in art galleries. And I agreed with her, I do! I do sometimes wonder at some artwork for sale when I know that I can do better, and do do better than some other artists.

And I know that I provide something that other people want to buy. Its just finding the right place to showcase it.

So, now I am looking for my second gallery of choice.. and have one in mind…