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Actually its not three Continents, its four!

This week I sent a painting off to Australia, and was delighted to do so, not just because the person loved the picture and wanted it on her wall, but because Australia is a new continent for me to have my artwork in. Making it the third continent for me, I thought and truly an International Artist (of repute?!).

But it was only thinking  today more specifically about the different countries and artwork I have sold to various clients over the years that I realised  with a jolt that its not three, its actually four…


The first one of course is Europe, you’d expect me to say that, since I have pictures the length and breadth of England, and also in Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. And to my knowledge in Cyprus and France… although when an artist sells artwork they may know who and where the picture was sold to, but not necessarily where it ends up! So I can only tell you what I know, not what I don’t know…!


The second continent is America since I have artwork hanging on walls in at least three states of America, including these two brightly coloured and pretty “Living flame” painting  and the sexy couple in “Hot stuff”, plus one painting in Canada.. again, that I know of. Although now I think about it, I seem to recall doing this delicate watercolour painting of Repton Cross and Church quite a few years ago to be given to a woman returning to America… so maybe there’s a fourth state..


The third one that I was counting is Australia, as I mentioned earlier. And I’ll tell you more about that painting another time.



And then I remembered that although I sold a painting to someone in England a couple of years ago, this one called “Man of mystery” – depicting an enigmatic man in a beautiful red and gold venetian mask on a red leather sofa, the guy who I sold it to emailed me the following year to say that I might be interested to know that a Chinese visitor to his house fell in love with the painting and took it back with her to Guangzhou in China.

So, Asia it is then, making it four! 🙂