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Arty skies over Whitstable

Whilst chatting to a woman at the weekend who I’ve known for some years but not seen for a while I found out that she lives in Whitstable in Kent. And she found out that I’m an artist. Neither of us knew this about each other when we first met since the conversation never got around to either facts.

When I said to her how much I like Whitstable she started to wax lyrical about the sunsets over the sea there and how much she loves to sit her family down on the beach and just watch the gorgeous colours of the sky on the sea as the colours merge and change and grow more intense. She got out her smart phone to show me the colours of the one she took the week before and I wowed over the liquid golds in the sea and sky, the next photo she showed me was certainly Turneresque in its blazes of reds, oranges and yellows and we both smiled in our love of the artistic delight in a view. I always love to see sunlight on water.

She excitedly went on to tell me how many galleries there are in the town, and how she likes to show her children the pictures in them and is delighted at their love of the artwork too. We talked of our shared love of paintings and art and she said she’d love to come and watch me paint. I loved her passion for art, and always react in an upbeat and positive way when someone loves art as much as me. She then went on to say that at some point in the future she’d love to sit on the beach with me with us both sketching the sunset, whilst we sent our men off to have a drink, we’d just sit and draw! What a really lovely idea I thought!

And it reminded me of when I was last in Whitstable and saw a storm pass overhead, the sky was so dramatic, even though it was mostly just varying shades of greys all I wanted to do was paint it!