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Catching up on blogging now I’ve reached number Six

I’ve not been blogging whilst I’ve been working on the themed paintings but now the six are done, and have been named, photographed,  and sent off online to the gallery I am hoping will take them, I can catch up.

I’m still not disclosing the subject matter, I want that to remain a surprise… and I’m pretty sure it will be a nice one.

So, I am also not showing the paintings either.

I will say that they are all in acrylics, and on canvas.

The first is 31.5 x 23.5 inches

The second is the only vertical one and is 10.5 x 16 inches

The third is 23.5 x 19.5 inches

The fourth one is 20 x 16 inches

The fifth is 36 x 24 inches

And the sixth one is 16 x 12

So that shows the gallery that I can paint all sizes in the theme. They all have the same obviously connected theme, and sentiment within them. My favourite one is the third one which is more of just one colour than the others, although the first and fifth ones took far longer to do as they are bigger.

And although the first one was painted from a photo I took last year, and the second one was painted from two photos I took with some years between them to make the best version of the image, the third one was based on a photo I took last year but a slightly different version of the image with various aspects removed and other things added to enhance the image. The fourth one was basically two photos merged as one image again with various parts added and removed to improve on the image. The fifth was from about four photos with various parts added and removed. The sixth was from two photos changed considerably and with something altogether added in part of it. So, I can see that as I have painted the theme I have progressed to knowing what works in the image and pulling out parts of it, or ignoring others, to improve to the best version of what could be there, but isn’t in reality. It’s called artistic licence!!!!

I’ve loved doing the theme, and am pleased with all the paintings.

But now I sit and wait for the answer from the gallery.

Which will be one of three things I think….

Either they love them as they are, and will hang them, happy that they will sell to their buyers. And obviously that is what I have hoped I have worked hard towards.

Or they won’t want them at all, in which case I will ask why they consider they’re not what their gallery wants.. and will learn from that response.

Or the pictures will be “almost” right, and they will suggest changes. Those changes might be to make them look more contemporary, or to put more texture on them, or change them in some other way, whilst keeping the theme.

And whilst I await their response… I will keep on painting, to the theme I’ve chosen, in the style I have been working to. To prove that the theme works, and that I can continue in the same way….