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Black and white trust

I was asked a few weeks ago to do a white conte pencil on black card drawing for a client. He wanted it of his wife although at the time of asking me she didn’t know of the conversation! When I was able to sit down with them and chat about their ideas she was almost as keen on the idea as he was. But I knew they both wanted slightly different aspects of her featured in the drawing.

We discussed which attributes were to be featured, and they decided on her bottom, and boobs, so the pose had to be side on to get both, and I knew the main lighting on her would be of her bum with the secondary light reflected on her boobs. It was also decided that her face would be in shadow, which I think really adds to the mystery and enigmatic character to the pose. I took the photos and they decided which to them they preferred for the drawing. I knew that I needed low bright light for these drawings, to enhance the body and give it shape. As although these drawings seem simple, they are actually quite involved to get the dramatic effect!

I did the drawing and rang the client to ask if he wanted to see the completed drawing? Since that is normal that I do the job, and get it ok’s by the client or the fateful words “Can you just…..” as they request a few changes or adjustments. Having said that, its not often I get that request. But what the client this time said took me somewhat by surprise…

His response was “No, I don’t need to see it, I know what you’re like” which is such a lovely compliment from a client (and was exactly the same comment for the other client I did the “Angel with red hair and pagan symbols” painting for last December). Such trust!

Ok, then, he doesn’t need to see it, he’s happy at how it looks so I took it to the framers to get it framed as per the clients request for no mount but a simple black frame for it.

When the framer had done it, I contacted the client and told him it was ready for him and his wife.. and we arranged a date to hand it over to them.

Neither of them had seen it when I unwrapped the picture, and I watched their faces for their reactions to it. Both were happy and hugged me, with smiling faces, so good result then! The artist is happy, and the clients are too!