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Two words bring out the smile

Since I came up with the exciting new idea a couple of weeks ago for a theme of paintings that inspires, excites, and fulfils some of my passions in life, I’ve been busy working on the first one. Its currently about 70% done and is coming on nicely.

I don’t want to disclose what it is yet since until its complete, there isn’t an image to show you, and as we all know a picture paints a thousand words, and my vague description of it won’t do it justice.

But, having said that, this week I have had two conversations with two different women who have asked me what I am currently working on… the first one was my sister over the phone… the second one was a woman I was at secondary school with back in the 1970’s who currently works in my local bank.

I gave my sister a more fuller reply than I gave the woman in the bank … but I gave them both a two word answer as the general theme. And those two words in both occasions, made them both smile. As the thought of it made me smile when I first thought of the idea two weeks ago.

And I am confident that the painting will equal those two words…