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One becomes a nice rounded Six

Whilst in Derby yesterday I decided to compound my current thoughts regarding my latest mystery painting by visiting the particular gallery that I would really like to have my paintings hanging in.

I noticed as I walked through the door that they had got new artists exhibiting with them since my last visit, so I was intrigued with the specific new artists as much as the new paintings there. And as I went around the viewing area, I compared my technical ability with the artwork there that covered all subjects from still life, landscapes, florals, seascapes, animals, fantasy art, and bright contemporary pieces. And I knew I equalled all of them. So, my technical ability is fine, its the subject matter now that is important.. something new, something different, but something appealing, and something that other people will want to buy…

I’m always gratified when I go into that particular gallery that a friendly member of staff will come over and ask if I want any help or advice regarding anything they can help with. I smiled, and said I was fine as I thanked her, but then turned back to her and said “Well, actually, I’m an artist who would love to have my artwork on your walls!” and she smiled back at me at my obvious passion for the idea. I went on to say that I had tried a couple of years ago with a style of painting that I thought would be acceptable for them, but it obviously wasn’t what they were looking for at that time. And to a degree I could understand why. But now I had a new idea for a painting theme and had almost finished the particular painting that was the first one. She asked what the subject matter was and I gave her a brief idea, without being specific, because it will be the painting that will do the talking, and other people within the organisation that will make the decision regarding whether its what they want or not (as she was as aware of, as I was). She was incredibly helpful though in saying that I would be best to send in six images to the submission process, not the one or two that I thought they were looking for. And of course, that made the best sense. How do you get a feel for an artists work on one only image, six tells the tale in a far more rounded way!

So, six it is!