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Happy Birthday Blog…Ten years old today!

Wow…. My Blog is Ten Years old today…!!

It was on 6th March 2007 that I first started writing this blog about my life as an artist and the art I’ve created over the years. I started writing about two or three blog posts then but its slightly lessened in recent years in that I try to do one or two blog posts a week now, hopefully about subjects that are vaguely interesting to others,  and have written over 920 blog posts in the last ten years….

Its where I feature my new artwork or talk about paintings I’m working on.

Its where I explain my working processes to show how my paintings are created.

Its where I share some of the strange conversations I have with various people regarding art. Since when you do erotic art it seems to invite odd conversations, mostly to my amusement, and sometimes to my total confusion!

And its where I report back the positive and upbeat feedback I have from clients regarding the special paintings I’ve done for them.

And its where I’ve made friends with other bloggers around the world.

I always love it when people I know in real life tell me they’ve read a blog post, or someone emails me, or tells me via Facebook or my website that something interested them or their insights into my interpretation of one of my paintings.

So, thanks for reading!