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Black and white drama

It’s a while since I did a white Conte pencil on black card erotic drawing, so I was thrilled this week to be asked to do a commission for a client, in that style. Particularly when the client was so enamoured with that technique!  I love them for their variation on the usual way of drawing a naked body – using black pencil on white paper, which although it picks out the form and shapes of the person I’m drawing, its not as exciting as the white on black which picks out the light as it hits the body in a far more dramatic way. And I always know its how the light is set up across the body from the side that causes that drama. 

The pose was chosen by the client, and she was very specific about not wanting her face to be recognisable in the drawing. I’ve done a lot of these drawings, and sometimes the faces are more visible than in other times. But I think its part of the allure of them as well, if you can’t see the face, or the features in full. The eye happily fills in what isn’t there, and that makes it more exciting.

I’m not showing the drawing I’ve done this week, since the client hasn’t seen it yet, but I’m showing four drawings I’ve done in the past, to illustrate what I mean.

I always find them erotic, and sensual, and subtle, and a delight to draw.