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Aww.. how Tweet

Because  the client who commissioned the painting of the  “Angel with red hair and pagan symbols” contacted me via Twitter this week to send the photos of the painting hanging in pride and place on their dining room wall, I replied to him via Twitter even though I had other contact details for him. And since I haven’t really used my Twitter account fully recently since I’ve not really needed to, I thought I’d refresh and update my profile and then go through some of the people I was following to see how valid some of the accounts were.. to find that in some cases their Twitter account had had 8 tweets and then stopped two or three years ago, or had gone so far off into a direction I was totally unaware of that I had no interest in following them at all any more. So, a bit of trimming to lose those that where no longer valid to me anymore,  and then since Twitter is always happy to suggest contacts or people/organisations that we might be interested in, I found far more beneficial connections (mostly) in the art world, and mostly doing things that I could see I could benefit them as much as they could benefit me. Because I think we’re all looking for the “Ooooh you’re just what we’re looking for” aspect in business and selling art, and being an artist.

And of course then it opens up other doors that might be beneficial for both sides. Or at least advertises in the right direction for what you’re looking for. And then you find that you’re not unique at all in what you are offering, or wanting. Others are in exactly the same position. Which is a good thing or course, and reassuring, and also uplifting and inspiring and motivating all in a very good way.

Every so often things take us all in different directions. As an artist I think its a good thing to be open to a lot of ideas and concepts. If you don’t look like you’re interested in others how can you expect them to be interested in you.