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Who will be next with a big smile on their face I’m wondering

For the last eight months since last June the artwork jobs have flowed in on a nice steady stream, from one to the next which is how I like it. Giving me time to focus on one job fully before the next one carried me on with its creative momentum. I’ve drawn pen and ink drawings of Repton and Milton for Repton Parish Council, brightly coloured Fantasy Fanny logos for a Leicestershire business woman, a black and white acrylic painting of a happy couple in a beach setting, two pencil drawings for Local historian and writer Stuart Haywood both at his current age of 80 and a retrospective one of him aged 40 which he was delighted with, and then the Angel with red hair and pagan symbols painting on canvas for a very happy and delighted couple in the South East. And at the time of completing it just before Christmas I wondered what painting would be next…

Since then there have been three enquiries…..

One for erotic life drawing of a couple in a variety of poses

One for a naked drawing for a couple in a beach setting

And one of a portrait of a couple, clothed.

I’ve had conversations, regarding ideas and prices and logistics not nothing firmly arranged and booked in yet.

I appreciate its only the second week of January and not even half way through the month, so three conversations is actually quite good….

And its the normal way of things that the minute I get one booked in, I’ll get four more wanting work done!  I’m used to that, that’s the way it normally goes when you’re self employed and an artist.