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Proudly perusing my paintings in pride of place

One of the things that always makes me very happy is to see where my paintings end up after I’ve painted them and put all my love and dedication into them, and know that they are going off to live elsewhere to make other people happy.

I was told by the new owners of “Angel with red hair and pagan symbols” at Christmas time that they wanted their kitchen/dining room walls redecorated as soon as they could arrange it and wouldn’t hang the large canvas painting until they knew they could show it off in their favoured position.

So, how delightfully lovely at the end of January when its cold and grey outside to hear from the clients via a Twitter message……

“Thank you @jackieadshead …. kitchen/dining room now decorated & painting taken pride of place……

it really does look great. I can highly recommend your work Jackie to anyone who is looking to get a special done”

And I couldn’t have thought of a better setting for it, the white walls set off the colours and tone. The decorative moulding on the walls is simple but geometric so they don’t affect the viewing of the painting and the spacing between them couldn’t have been more perfect!!!!