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Happy New Year wishes for 2017

Happy New Year to you ! I hope it brings you all that you wish for, with good health, happiness and love of all that makes you happy and content.

After a lovely break over Christmas and New Year seeing  many friends and extended family, eating too many mince pies, savouring good friendships and shared jokes over a glass or two of festive wine, and spending quality man with my fella watching some good films and laughing together over favourite comedy shows, I looked back over the end of the year with great affection at the New Years Eve party all dressed up and full of celebratory spirit. Its being thankful for the good things in our lives but always having that wish that the new year will bring more good things, or at least nothing worse than the year before, that I am more aware of.

And its also a strong sense of well being from finishing the year knowing that I have made others happy with my artwork, particularly the one that was the mystery Christmas gift – that I am not going to talk about here in much depth because its a whole big blog post all of its own that I shall write as soon as I’ve finished this one!

So, a year ends, and a new one starts…

And lets hope its a good one…