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Energizing the not quites

Last week was spent tidying up loose ends, chasing various opportunity ideas and people connected with them to find out where we are on the “I want a painting done by you, but not quite yet” list. I gathered three more of those over the weekend, so I’ve added those details to the “Not QUITE yet” pile. Whilst bearing in mind that the “Angel with red hair and pagan symbols” painting that I finished last month for the client sat in that pile for two and a half years before it resurfaced…and the clients were ecstatic at the resulting painting I did for them when they got around to it!! YAY! Worth the wait!

Its funny when I look at other artists and other creative people including amongst others musicians, writers, and actors, they all seem to know exactly what they are doing, which direction they are going in, and what sort of creativity they want to do…. but it’s when you have the quiet conversations in the background, or read an article about them, or hear them featured on the radio or television, or read their own words in an email that you find that actually their lives haven’t gone the way they wanted, they didn’t get what they wanted straight away and lots of doors were slammed in their faces (or at least the right sort of doors weren’t necessarily opened at the right time) and their lives haven’t been all rosy and happy and jolly and completely successfully and fabulously wonderful as you think.

So I am currently working through the “Other doors that may prove to be useful if you ask” list and one of them I had the opportunity to ask about directly when I was speaking to a friend at the weekend who works for a company that doesn’t sell artwork as such but might be vaguely connected with some kinds of specific artwork via the product they do sell so I asked if her company might have need of a similar product that I could do for them, and she explained quietly that it was “all done on computer now” and I nodded in understanding, as I presumed it might be.. she then added that other people also send in other offers of work and they are passed on to the relevant people within the company. So of course, other people are in a similar situation as me, and try the same ideas although it may be offering a different type of service all together.

And then yesterday morning a totally unconnected outlet opened up all by itself for me, so that’s something that looks like it may be of use in the future, and open up a useful door in the right direction… which is always good when a positive aspect opens itself up.

I do always try to throw positive energies at what I do, its my natural character to be upbeat and helpfully hopeful.

But I also think its part of human nature to always want something you haven’t quite got.. something you have to chase after a bit to get and achieve.

Because it struck me this morning whilst I am thinking about various things to do, that what I currently have NOW, at this moment in time, is EXACTLY what I wanted 30 years ago! I wanted the time to paint more, I wanted more freedom to paint what I wanted when I wanted. And now I have that, here and now, what I want now is…….. to sell more….!

Human Nature, always moving us on, for that next peak of perfection we’re all wanting to attain!