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Angel with red hair and pagan symbols keeps the comments coming in

After writing here in full detail about the “Angel with red hair and pagan symbols” painting  last week I sent links on to various art lovers I know who have been intrigued with the mystery painting I’ve been working on and I’ve not been able to talk about until the recent few days and was delighted with the responses to it…. these are my favourite three replies….


“Wow! That painting is stunning! All the more so because of the use of only one primary colour (red) which immediately draws the eye. I can well imagine that anyone entering the room where they hang it will literally stop in their tracks to look at it. You have been both clever and subtle in incorporating the many symbols into it ensuring that people will go back for a second (maybe third and fourth) look, and will keep seeing more interesting little details every time. Well done Jackie!”



“Congratulations on such a wonderful result. I personally, very much like the painting and the narrative within it. The main thing, however, is that the client loves it and will love it more with the passage of time. I love my watercolour immensely and I would recommend that anyone who has a great desire to have a love or desire portrayed, get it done. The enjoyment increases with time”



“Jackie, I’m accustomed to being impressed with your art – after all, we’ve known each other for almost a full decade now, and I’ve probably seen over a hundred examples of your work. But this one…well, it’s taxing my vocabulary of superlatives!

First of all, the woman (or angel if you prefer) who is the subject of the painting is incredibly beautiful. With those high cheekbones and full lips, subtle skin, firm chin and noble forehead, she’s more stunning than anyone I can remember you painting before. And that looking over the shoulder pose is so effective at grabbing the viewer’s attention….

And the use of colour is effective too. The black and white comes out as a steel blue and white at this end, which makes the deep red hair stand out even more than it normally would. The symbols are easy to find and interpret, but not so obvious as to distract the eye from the totality of the composition.

But I keep getting draw in by that backwards glance.. that symmetric eye.. the confidence in her expression. The kind of look I might capture from a beautiful woman walking the opposite way down the street… knowing that’s all I’m going to get, but being satisfied with the momentary glimpse nonetheless.

It’s a triumph for you! No wonder the owners are so proud!”