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Drawing something I can’t see again and the client has every confidence I can do it

The mystery painting has gone off to the client all wrapped up and looking festive as requested. So my Christmas deadline artwork has been done, and you’d think that now I could relax and start to wind down for Christmas itself….

But no…

I can now do the artwork that I was actually paid for in full, six months ago, in June.

When the client asked me to do it and I said I would happily do the artwork for them, but I would need one specific piece of information from them to enable me to do it and if they quickly got the information to me I would do it before the next big job coming in…in July.

And then in July Repton Parish Council wanted their 14 pen and ink drawings done for their Neighbourhood Development Plan to be sent on to Derbyshire County Council, so it had to wait until that was done for their deadline.

I was hoping to get it done in August but the client still hadn’t sent me the information I needed.

And then at the end of August the business woman who asked me to do the two Fantasy Fanny paintings for her new online feminine businesses asked me to do those brightly coloured and feminine logos for her.

Then I was asked in September to do the black and white nude on the beach painting for a couple, which I completed for them….

Because I still hadn’t had the full information I required to complete the artwork for the client. Although by the end of September I had had one thing that helped enormously, but still wasn’t the full information that I had asked for.

And then in November the client who wanted the mystery black white and red painting doing in time for Christmas asked me to do that large canvas for them. It took a bit of research to find some of the hidden symbols and since it was a large painting it obviously took longer to do than smaller artwork will do. And I assured the client it will be done in time for Christmas even if I was painting until midnight every night to get it done.

And then Stuart Haywood asked me to do the two comparison drawings of him, one at his current age of 80 and the other how re remembers himself at the age of a virile 40 years old, so I did those drawings for him since I hadn’t heard from the other client with the information I required.

It was soon after that time that the client contacted me and asked me to do the drawings with the information I had already got since they were struggling to get the new information to me, and that they had every confidence that I could do it.

But I still hadn’t got the full information I had asked for originally in June. I had some information. And its very difficult to draw something you can’t see.. particularly when its a person… and they are naked… but I haven’t got any photos of them actually naked….

So, there will be a hell of a lot of guessing….

Having said that, that’s exactly what I did for Stuart for his 40 year old drawing, and he was delighted with it…