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Updates, tweaks, and website recharging

Whenever I think its about time to do some more website updates, it still even after all the years of having a website, astounds me how long it takes to actually DO them.

I think I started the work on it and writing down the adjustments list about three weeks ago.

Because I knew I had loads more images to put on my galleries, and each of those has to have its write up done to explain more about it.

And this time I also had two more Demonstrations to put on along with the explanations for each of the steps for those.

I also have added two more photos for my Workshops page so you can see better the most recent workshop I ran for Phoenix Art Group.

And the Testimonials page had lots more I could add to it, since I’ve had such lovely feedback from various people it made sense to add it to the others. I have also put on the Artgalleryonline screensaver page from when I was for a time number 18 in their Artist of the Year 2015 competition.

As well as that I have added a new Open Edition Prints part to my Prints Page with very reasonable charges of only £30 for the prints.

And of course the two new Fantasy Fanny logos have gone onto the Queyntes Gallery.

And virtually every page from the front Main page images, to the Artists Profile photo, to the Galleries pages have had a tweak.

So all in all, its been a lot of tweaking, updating, adding, and explaining for everyone to go and have a look at…. so indulge me after all the hard work I’ve put into it, and go and have a look… and tell me your favourite bits…